13 August 2013 Burslem and Middleport Ethnography

After spending the the whole of July and best part of the beginning of August sorting the kids many school assemblies and a trip to France (more on that later!) today it was back on the graffiti trail in one of the 5 towns that make up Stoke-on-Trent; Burslem.

Such as the findings so far there was a distinct lack of graffiti in the town centre area, as well as the many residential roads. It was once again in the areas surrounding the canal and old industrial zones where we found a few bits and bobs but unfortunately we didn’t strike graffiti gold today.

The little bits and bobs we did find are highlighted in red, these were mainly tags and a few throw ups. Near to the graffiti we found on the canal was an area of housing opposite some old industrial properties. Here new boards had recently been put on the outside of a building, possibly to stop graffiti as we had been told by the workshop owner next door that the old boards were sound but completely covered. And we missed it as they had been replaced the week before! Ive made a note to return to this location (as with all locations) to see any changes. Interestingly, or maybe not! there appeared to be some kind of markers leading you from the main road to this location. This was in the form of blue plastic tied around trees, bins and railings, ending with blue paint squares on the building. Obviously this could be a number of things that may not relate to graffiti, but it does offer evidence of some kind of local subculture in that area. It was something that struck me as important either way so I intend on visiting again!


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