23 June 2013 Shelton Ethnography

Picking up where we left off yesterday, at around lunch time, we headed back to stoke station. Yesterdays session had ended around this area and I had happened to spot some stencilling on Staffs Uni building, opposite Stoke Station so headed there first. Surprisingly there was a mixture here of tagging, throw ups and stencilling – notably Jesus in a pair of trainers!

Moving on from here we looked in and around Seaford Street, this is marked on the Map below as in the transient area. This determination was made by the amount of student lets, empty housing and wheelie bins left in the street on a Sunday as the students have left to go home for summer. One of the pieces was making a statement about Stoke-on-Trent by labelling it ‘Shit-on-Toast’ and making the statement ‘nealy finished in stoke’. Possibly a statement about nearly finishing his/her degree? In the same area graffiti was framed by social deprivation, empty houses, fly-tipped mattresses and shops and takeaways aimed at a student and/or migrant populations.

From here we moved past Hanley Cemetery and stopped at a lock on the Trent-Mersey canal where there was some stencilling of an English Bull Terrier, Stoke City FC badge and some swallow silhouettes. From here we headed to an area behind the A500 to see if I could get some shots of some pieces I had noticed under the sidings. I managed to capture these and then stumbled upon a goldmine of stuff over the road. These were big pieces and followed the railway sidings and an abandoned building edged with it. One of the things I noticed was that the big pieces had been graffiti over by another crew claiming the space as theirs. There was also homemade ramps for either BMX or skateboards. There is the deviant and privacy factor here too, the nearest purpose built skate park is less than 2 miles from here and has a legal wall, so why not paint there? Overall loads of ace graffiti today and lots to ponder. Unfortunately rain stopped play for me today and I was soaked by the end so I didn’t get to Ntrprners 5th Birthday official opening of the hall of fame, hopefully next weekend!






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