9th February 2013 – Tunstal Ethnoraphy

Red:Graffiti found, Yellow: Industrial, Cream: wasteland

Considering the proximity to the now established Hall of Fame, I had expected to find more graffiti here.However Tunstal is an area in conflict, industrial space fights with housing for dominance. The wasteland is predominantly old industrial units, that would have once formed a thriving industrial economy but now lay to ruin awaiting investment in the form of new houses or commercial development. 

It was on the back of one of these that we could see the only big piece we could find in Tunstall. 

This is an appallingly bad quality picture, but we couldn’t get near enough due to the barriers guarding this precious empty space! I have always found it odd when buildings are demolished and land flattened for long periods of time that it is placed under lock and key. i can understand the owner prohibiting vehicles in case the land is used for parking etc, however to be so tightly guarded from passers by baffles me!
The only other signs of graffiti we could find were on the back of an old pub, facing more land that had had houses demolished (see above) and some markings on the side of an old ceramics centre. 
All in all a fairly disappointing day at Tunstall, however it is fairly unsurprising in that it is not really near anywhere of significance for the cultivation of artists such as local colleges or universities. It also doesn’t really have any major links to the train or canal network. 

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