Graduation, Prizes and What is next for Noodle Sociology..

I apologise for the lack of posting over the last few weeks. This has mainly been because of the events that have occurred since degree results day. Firstly, I found out my results. I am very pleased to say that I have been awarded a BA Criminology and Sociology with First Class Honours! This included gaining a 69 for my sociology dissertation and an 85 for my criminology dissertation! I am over the moon with this, I had put so much effort in to both projects, and I am so pleased with the results.

secondly, I found out the same day that I have been awarded Keele University Neil & Gina Smith Student of the Year Award 2014. I am absolutely gob-smacked that the panel deemed me worthy of such an accolade. For someone with my background and low self belief, it feels crazy that people can see something this amazing in me. I have made a vow to myself not to let anyone, or myself down. You can read about me in the local paper here Student of the year 2014, and on the Keele University Website here Keele student of the year 2014. I am the ninth recipient of this award and the fourth recipient from the school of Sociology and Criminology, which I think speaks volumes for the level of teaching and community involvement that is encouraged within the school. They are great people, and Keele is a great place to be!

This leads me nicely to what is happening next. As you may know from earlier posts, I am travelling to Chile this summer, funded by a student fellowship in sociology provided by Santander. You can read my proposal here Santander Student Fellowship proposal. I was selected after interview and the trip is now booked with me leaving on Sunday 27th July. I will be blogging about my trip as I am there, posting pictures and sociological insights in real time. I will then write up a report and hopefully display my pictures to a wider audience at a later date.

Beyond the Chile trip, I have secured a job within the student union and I begin an MA in Criminology & Criminal Justice on October 6th this year. I am excited about moving forward within academia, but want to ensure that I remember who I am and where I have come from. My past informs my interests, and I have already started reading towards possible MA dissertations.

Although I am pursuing criminology formally, art, the city and its inhabitants is still a passion of mine. I grew up in a creative household, my mum and dad both being jewellers. Originally from liverpool, I have since found creative links between Stoke-on-Trent and my family from before I was born. My dad, in the jewellers where he completed his apprenticeship, some time in the 1970s, was commissioned to make the silver casings for blue and white Wedgwood cameos. Over 30 years later and I have spent the year looking at urban art in and arround the pot banks of Stoke-on-Trent where those pieces, or many like it would have been made.

Please keep in touch with my blog to see some amazing Latin American street art, hear about my Chilean adventure and read about topics such as sex work, stigma, informal economy, informal social control, community, power, fear of crime, visual methods, inequality, street art, graffiti, design and crime, the city, and much, much more…

Best wishes


Twitter @NicolaAnnByrne #MyBigFatChileAdventure


Here is a complete list of the official awards and achievements recieved over the time of my undergrauate degree.

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, Keele University. (2011-2014)

Sociology & Criminology School Award (Year 1) (2011-2012) For highest overall grade in Sociology.

Sociology & Criminology School Award (Year 2) (2012-2013) For highest overall grade in Criminology.

Sociology & Criminology School Award (Years 2-3) (2012-2014) For Highest overall grades in Criminology.

Secretary Keele Sociology Society (2012-2013)

President Criminology Society (2012-2014)

Vice-President of Keele Women’s Society (2013-2014)

Nominated Volunteer of the Year (2013)

Lifetime membership to Keele Students Union for services to students. (2014)

Santander Student Fellowship – Sociology (2014)

Gina & Neil Smith Student of the Year Award (2014)

Mike Collison Award for best Criminology Dissertation (2014)

Police Mopi Levels 1 – 8 (2013)



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