Day 2 afternoon street art spotting

The afternoon began in the opposite direction to he morning. Rather than up in to the hills, I went down in to the city. I found myself in what you would probably describe as the central business district. The visual clues being that every other shop front in these high rise streets is a bank or western union point. It is busy here, cars beeping, people talking and bumping past each other; walking determined and fast. There is a mood change from the hills, this is not the place for a tourist. Here I am in the way, an issuance, made clear by the uttered remarks, the honking and shoving.

There is not much street art here, perhaps for the same reason as I am a bus since, maybe an artist would be too. The area is grey and concrete.

The one area of colour and music, filling the streets with noise is, what appears to be, a protest. Outside a bank young people with masks and air horns sit I front, holing up signs in Spanish I could not read. So I attempted a picture, however this was denied by the palm of the bank security staff, so I reconsidered; realising my language skills may buy me a soft drink, but probably wouldn’t be able to get myself out of jail!

From this point I edged the port, gradually after a fe wrong turns, making my way back up in to the hills again. There are warnings of crime in the hills, not a place for tourists they say. However it feels safe, comfortable, bohemian.




When I walk past my hotel I see a female artist beginning a piece opposite my bedroom window. I take a picture and look forward to viewing her progress later on that day. I wondered around for a few more hours, making sure to try new roads, with new stairwells. I have found similar pieces, obviously from the same artist. Today I have been a particular fan of the old people, found in very different locations but obviously the same artist and very endearing.



As the night drew in, it is dark here by 6:30 pm, I started to document through pictures the artist across he road from my window. Many people stopped to watch, some grabbing a beer and stopping a little longer as it was a warm day for winter, perfect for being in the street.



She didn’t finish before dark, so packed up and the shopkeeper came out and swept the road after the artists. She has Ben out earlier and asked the artist to cover some of the surrounding tags, the artist happily obliged, street art here is in cooperation. The male artist hand painted a new number sign for the shop, hopefully pleasing the residents, as they currently have the building up for sale. Hopefully she will return to finish the piece before I depart to return back to England next week.



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