Day3 meet the artist

So ok, I know my last post was a bit doom and gloom, it wasn’t supposed to be. I know I’m just that much of a geek I sometimes forget that I do like to go a bit too criminology/sociology!

So after popping back to the hotel to pick up a new memory card, (yes 4gb gone already!! That is over 500 pictures!). I realised that my days plans had been somewhat changed. So I set off in the direction I had been the day before, vowing to walk further and capture any images I had failed to see the day earlier.

On one particular landing I encountered some artists and an old Chilean chap. The artists were selling prints, so I picked two of my favourite and purchased them to take home. Whilst handing over the Chilean pesos, the Chilean chap started to tease me ‘we will do you very good price,.. At least double!’ As I handed over 5,000 pesos.


He then began to tell me about his life, with a few questions as prompts I found out his history. His mothers family had come from Belgium, fleeing during the Second World War. Although he pointed out ‘even though we were not Jews!’. Her family was completely wiped out.

In the late 60’s he went to London to work. He worked as a Bartender on Oxford street. He preferred London to Paris he said. He went on to work all over Europe for over 15 years. Only returning to Chile in 1980. His last stop in Europe was Czechoslovakia, he left here because as he said, ‘I wanted peace, there there was none to be found’. I asked him of Pinnochet’s Chile, surely it was better now?

‘No, I dislike the current president. If it is a good day for him, it is a good day for chile. If it is a bad day for him, it is a bad day for chile. The president has many bad days’.

Thanking him I got ready to move on. Before I left I asked them both for a picture. They were kind enough to oblige. As I walked past after lunching herd him speaking french to some French tourists. He was relaying the same story, not forgetting to mention how much he hated Paris!


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