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An afternoon with Jekse & Cines – In Pictures

Heres a pictures round up of the afternoon/evening spent with amazing graffiti artists Jekse & Cines. Begining with a tagged and scruffy looking garage door in an otherwise tidy part of the neighbourhood.

Jekse & Cines work strait on to the door without using a washed out background. They are a ouple and work together as one, never bumping in to each other and barely needing to discuss the piece as they paint.

They start shading as soon as the piece begins, layering in a way that brings the piece to life very quickly.


As the piece begins to take shape Jekse chooses which colours to go with for the surrounding fabric. He looks up and down the street taking inspiration from the exisitng colours of the neighbourhood. The houses down the street and across from the piece are terracotta, yellow and shades inbetween, whereasthe house to which the garage belongs is turquoise and purple. The colour choices are striking but sympathetic to the surroundings, in most part because of the pairs commitment to the local community. Viewing street art as an enhancement to the area and community, not an eyesore.


When working as a pair Jekse and Cines usually paint a couple, with masculine and feminine faces. This particular style can be seen across Santiago and Valparaiso and is distinctly theirs.

The end result is a beautiful piece that enhances the aesthetic of local area and improves the owners property. The style and colour of nearby houses were a huge consideration when composing and colouring the piece. This ensured that what they produced was sympathetic and complementary to the taste of the immediate community.


All round, this was an amazing experience. I have seen very talented graffiti artists paint before, (yes NTR & HTB, that would be you) however I felt very honoured that they had invited me, a stranger to their city and country along, and later invited me in to their home and studio.

DSCN2897 DSCN2903 DSCN2904 DSCN2902

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