Field Work Diary · RESEARCH:inthepark


RESEARCH:inthepark is (a working title for) a new research project I am developing with Rachel Smith (University of Manchester).

Working closely with the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, UK, and sponsored/ facilitated by REALab Manchester. We are developing a proposal for a three month evaluation research project. While we are currently developing the research proposal and pitch, the overall aim is to evaluate the connection between the gallery in the park and the local community.


The gallery in the park is situated in Whitworth Park, right outside the Whitworth Art Gallery. It already houses sculptures from a wide variety of artists; including an obelisk made from the brick dust of a house that had been torn down in the local area of Moss side. The gallery in the park acts as a link between the perceived formality of the art gallery and its local urban environment; inviting commuters, local people and visitors to explore the park as an extension of the gallery. In this way we can understand this piece of green space surrounded by the dense urban environment as transitionary.  Whitworth park hosts the transition between the art world and the mundane through its uses in everyday life, whilst also acting as a physical transitionary place; where local people travel through to go to work, or take a break.

During the course of the next three months I will blog about the research process, community engagement activities and how you can get involved.

For more information about REALab see here:

For more information about the Whitworth art gallery see here:

twitter links @ReaLabMCR @WhitworthArt

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