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Success – REALab, the Whitworth, and innovative research methods with children and young people

So far this week it has been a week of successes, and amazingly it is only Tuesday!

Yesterday, Charlene and I travelled down to Cardiff University for the conference ‘Innovative research methods with children and young people’. I submitted a poster presentation of the research proposal and Charlene presented a paper and a poster.I have posted my poster on the blog previously, but here it is again with Charlene’s.


Charlene’s – explaining the innovative participatory methods she uses within her PhD research.


(The top poster) Mine and Rachel’s poster showing the research we have proposed to the Whitworth.

The first bit of good news is that, not only did my poster win the best poster prize, but Charlene won the prize for best presentation! (which was very much deserved, I have video proof!). However, the value of the conference was not only in the prizes! The conference was a brilliant day, showcasing various innovative research methods with an interdisciplinary focus. I will blog more about this later, but if you want to check out the twitter #, search #CYPInnovResMethods16.

Secondly, today Rachel and I formally presented our research proposal to the Whitworth and REALab. After putting together these glorious portfolios, we presented our response to the original brief. I am very pleased to say that REALab and the Whitworth accepted (and were very enthusiastic about) our proposal! So for the next three months Rachel and I will be working closely with children and young people within the ‘gallery in the park’ and with the Whitworth to produce an evaluation and research tool kit. I will also be blogging about the process as we proceed, so you will hear more about this soon.


So now is time to celebrate before the hard work begins! Congratulations Charlene & Rachel!


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