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Data Collection, REALab, @Creative_Crim & A New Arrival

I have to admit, I have been rather lazy in keeping the blog updated. There are reasons (not excuses) for this – see further down this post! So here is a little recap of the things that I have been up to since summer.

Data Collection (POP)


Currently, I am in data collection. This is the second phase of my PhD data collection, which is examining the day to day experiences of being on probation, from the perspectives of female (ex) offenders. I do this using a variety of methods, within the methodological frame work of participatory action research.


The session set up in the image above is a mapping session, followed by handing out disposable cameras. The cameras are then collected in after a week or two and we do a group session of photo elicitation and coding. The sessions are proving popular and are producing rich qualitative data – my typing is getting faster with all the transcription! The narrative stories of offending , punishment and desisstance are really interesting, and it is extremely brave of the ladies to share them with me.

REAlab & the Whitworth

Rachel Smith and I have been working with the Whitworth art gallery during the summer to provide a creative evaluation of the new Anya Gallaccio installation. The data collection for this finished in July. However, we have finally finished the analysis and write up of the project, and have now submitted it to the Whitworth. Initially this was to form part of a report to the Arts Council, so the report will be published by the Whitworth in the coming months. A summary of the research can be found below in a methods poster I presented at a conference in Cardiff earlier this year (if you have been following my posts you may remember).


Creative Criminology

My PhD pal and colleague Charlene Crossley and I have started a co-produced twitter account for all things creative in criminology – @Creative_Crim. It is no secret that visual, participatory and creative methods are my thing. Well I am lucky enough that I share an office with Charlene, who is essentially my PhD better half. Charlene and I use similar methodology (Participatory Action Research) with similar methods (mapping, letter writing), but with a different participant group, and in different ways. We do a lot of work together, and she is my go-to for voicing ideas and discussing data collection, methods, and pretty much everything else.

We thought that surely there are more like us out there.. yet identifying visual/creative/participatory methods people in criminology is not as simple as you may expect. This is how Creative Criminology was founded, with the expectation of a small amount of followers that we could share ideas with – building research networks along the way. Well, it has been more successful than we ever expected. If you would like to get involved please follow us @Creative_Crim.


Finally, the reason why I have been so quiet is that I have been away creating this little lump! The 5th addition to the family arrived late, on 4th August 2016. I took 6 weeks off to enjoy her and regain my brain. But I am now back at work, in between feeds, nappy changes and learning to roll over (soon..). Things are rather hectic here, but I will try my best to update the blog with interesting research related goings on on a more regular basis!

2 thoughts on “Data Collection, REALab, @Creative_Crim & A New Arrival

  1. Congrats on the new arrival. You still sound incredibly busy and committed. Good luck juggling all that.
    Guess who’s going to Chile in December?

    1. Ah brilliant Andy! For work or family, or just because?! You will love it!! Which reminds me.. I have a paper on the back burner, and an idea for a visual essay – I’ll drop you an email soon. I hope to hear all about Chile!

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