Researcher, lecturer & PhD candidate in sociology and criminology.

Current projects:

Places on Probation

I am currently working on a number of projects in the North West of England. Firstly, my PhD explores the everyday experiences of female offenders under supervision in the community. This research is routed in criminology and human geography, and seeks to challenge assumptions about ‘community’, particularly as it is framed as a rehabilitative tool in the policy documents relating to ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’.

#VisualCriminology #Probation #ParticipatoryActionResearch #Photovoice #OffenderManagement


I am currently working with an art gallery in Manchester, to provide an evaluation of the connection between the gallery and local community. Here we are using participatory action research to engage with local school children. This research will produce three community engagement activities, an evaluative report for the Arts Council, and a Tool-Kit for future local community engagement activities. This research is sponsored by REALab Manchester.


#museumoftheyear #visualmethodologies #communityengagement #evaluation #innovativesocialresearch

Non-research Activities

With colleagues at Manchester Metropolitan University I am currently organising a conference, due later this year, for researchers using innovative qualitative methods in criminological research.

I currently lecture on three modules at Staffordshire University. ‘Security by design’ (level 4), ‘Sociological Theory and Practise’ (Level 4), and ‘Transnational Organised Crime’ (Level 6).

Previous research includes:

Graffiti (In Stoke-on-Trent and Valparaiso, Chile), funded by Santander.

Integrated Offender Management (with Staffordshire Police),

Sex Work Policy in Liverpool, UK.


Find me on Twitter @NicolaAHarding

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