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Doing Participatory Action Reserch

Currently I am juggling a number of projects; including a pilot study, gaining access at a different organisation for my new study, a number of conferences up and down the country, and a separate study altogether with REALab and the Whitworth. However, amongst all these distractions I am also still reading for my PhD and… Continue reading Doing Participatory Action Reserch

Field Work Diary · RESEARCH:inthepark


RESEARCH:inthepark is (a working title for) a new research project I am developing with Rachel Smith (University of Manchester). Working closely with the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, UK, and sponsored/ facilitated by REALab Manchester. We are developing a proposal for a three month evaluation research project. While we are currently developing the research proposal… Continue reading RESEARCH:inthepark

Field Work Diary · graffiti

An afternoon with Jekse & Cines – In Pictures

Heres a pictures round up of the afternoon/evening spent with amazing graffiti artists Jekse & Cines. Begining with a tagged and scruffy looking garage door in an otherwise tidy part of the neighbourhood. Jekse & Cines work strait on to the door without using a washed out background. They are a ouple and work together… Continue reading An afternoon with Jekse & Cines – In Pictures

Field Work Diary · graffiti

Day 10 – not goodbye, just ‘see you later..’

Today is my last day in Valparaiso, and in Chile. I left Valparaiso in the pouring rain (the first rainfall of my stay) at 9am and made the 2 hour journey to Santiago ready for the airport. Once at the airport I met a Chilean lady who had lived in Ireland for the last 20… Continue reading Day 10 – not goodbye, just ‘see you later..’

Field Work Diary · graffiti

Day 8 – Artisans on street art

Day eight has arrived and I am now practically part of the furniture here in Valparaiso. People have begun to notice that I am still wondering round over a week later, which makes them curious. Valparaiso is a transient place, travellers stay for short periods, and tourists even shorter. I have decided to capitalise on… Continue reading Day 8 – Artisans on street art