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Graffiti, media & the commodification of resistance

This week I presented ‘Instagraff – How the rich kids of Instagram killed the graffiti writer’ to the British Sociological Association annual conference at Manchester University. This was picked up by a number of press outlets, including a Radio 4 interview on the Today show and an interview and piece in the Times. In the same issue of… Continue reading Graffiti, media & the commodification of resistance

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BSA Conference 4-6th April

I am very excited to say I will be presenting at the British Sociological Association conference this year. I am presenting a co-authored paper with my colleague Charlene Crossley that examines the role of map making in a participatory action research cycle – this examines Charlene’s work with young people and my work with female… Continue reading BSA Conference 4-6th April

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Discourse(s) in the Social Sciences

Tomorrow I am presenting at the conference ‘Discourse(s) in the Social Sciences’ at York University. Follow this link to find out more about the conference. I am presenting the results of my masters dissertation, mainly because I am currently editing it in to a journal submission and I could really do with the feedback that… Continue reading Discourse(s) in the Social Sciences


Rethinking graffiti – as deviance

So my last blog post was an introduction to a talk I gave recently about my observations from studying graffiti in Stoke-on-Trent and Valparaiso, Chile. Todays blog has almost sprung out of that one really. When considering graffiti as community action, a huge part of what it means to be  graffiti artist and part of… Continue reading Rethinking graffiti – as deviance

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Rethinking Graffiti at Keele Postgraduate Research Forum 14/10/2014

Today I was given the opportunity to do a talk on some of the issues and observations that have arisen since returning from Chile. The talk was facilitated by Keele Postgraduate Research Forum, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to float my ideas among some amazing Keele postgrads and to practise some presenting before… Continue reading Rethinking Graffiti at Keele Postgraduate Research Forum 14/10/2014


Art and Criminal Justice Interventions

Since returning from Chile I have been working through the pictures I took, the memories I made and the field notes I wrote. I have begun to compare my experience examining street art in Valparaiso to the ethnography I completed here, locally in Stoke-on-Trent, for my final year dissertation. A reoccurring theme in my notes… Continue reading Art and Criminal Justice Interventions