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Day 10 – not goodbye, just ‘see you later..’

Today is my last day in Valparaiso, and in Chile. I left Valparaiso in the pouring rain (the first rainfall of my stay) at 9am and made the 2 hour journey to Santiago ready for the airport. Once at the airport I met a Chilean lady who had lived in Ireland for the last 20… Continue reading Day 10 – not goodbye, just ‘see you later..’


7th September 2013 Modile Graffiti

Yesterday I completed interviews 3,4&5 down at my new second home, the Hall of Fame. One of the questions I ask is where the artist has travelled from to paint there. This is because it was quickly established, by the number of crew tags there and by conversations with artists, that people had travelled some… Continue reading 7th September 2013 Modile Graffiti