Art and Criminal Justice Interventions

Since returning from Chile I have been working through the pictures I took, the memories I made and the field notes I wrote. I have begun to compare my experience examining street art in Valparaiso to the ethnography I completed here, locally in Stoke-on-Trent, for my final year dissertation. A reoccurring theme in my notes… Continue reading Art and Criminal Justice Interventions


Day 9 on the streets with Jekse and cines

Today was my last full day in Valparaiso and the most unlikely end to an amazing trip to Chile. Al, the guide who had taken me on the car tour of the area, arranged for me to visit Jekse and Cines studio. This was the icing on the cake, I had taken so many pictures… Continue reading Day 9 on the streets with Jekse and cines

Field Work Diary · graffiti

Day 8 – Artisans on street art

Day eight has arrived and I am now practically part of the furniture here in Valparaiso. People have begun to notice that I am still wondering round over a week later, which makes them curious. Valparaiso is a transient place, travellers stay for short periods, and tourists even shorter. I have decided to capitalise on… Continue reading Day 8 – Artisans on street art


Day 6 Graffiti / street art in Valparaiso by car

So today was the day I had been looking forward to the most since arriving. I had booked a car tour specifically for the local graffiti and street art. This was to enable me to cover more ground and go in to the areas that tourists normally don’t or can’t venture. It costs around 39000… Continue reading Day 6 Graffiti / street art in Valparaiso by car